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About the Company

MacAnthony Omezi CPS, founder of M.O. Protection and Transport LLC, is an Executive Protection Specialist and Investigator with decades of experience in the Private Security industry. His educational background consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Security Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Network Telecommunications Technology and a certification from C.J. Moran’s 21st Century Academy for Advanced Executive Protection & Vehicle Evasive Maneuvering. He is also a proud member of ASIS International and Alpha Phi Sigma: National Criminal Justice Honors Society.

Throughout his career, he has successfully provided protective services and constructed security risk assessments for the likes of celebrities, Fortune executives, foreign dignitaries, criminal attorneys, and other at-risk individuals.

In addition, he holds the following credentials and training:

  • California BSIS Guard Card – G 1835358
  • California BSIS Exposed Firearm Permit – FQ 351079
  • California Concealed Weapon License
  • Risk Analysis & Threat Assessment Specialist Certification
  • High-Risk VIP Transport & Vehicle Evasive Maneuvering Certification
  • First Aid / CPR / AED Certification
  • OC Pepper Spray & ASP Baton Certification
  • Trained in Muay Thai & Krav Maga Martial Arts
  • Certified Network Security & IT Troubleshooting Specialist
  • Current U.S. Passport
  • Florida Concealed Weapon License
  • Arizona Concealed Weapon License
  • Texas Concealed Weapon License
  • Nevada Concealed Weapon License
  • Utah Concealed Weapon License

On a regular basis, he undergoes training in all aspects of personal protection which include: motorcade operations, tactical driving, risk analysis, threat assessment, behavior identification, foot formations, advance operations, firearms acquisition & retention, and self-defense tactics. By incorporating this with his many years of experience, MacAnthony has vowed to carry out and provide protection duties with the utmost professionalism, assuring your security with a positive, non-intrusive experience.