Living inside a complex or estate is always viewed as being more secure than living in a stand alone residential home. While it is true that estates are more secure, as there often is a dedicated security presence, it does not mean that you should not follow basic security protocol.

Do not let your guard down, as often petty crime is prevalent in complexes and estates, and in most cases, it involves residents or service providers within the complex or estate.

Here are 5 tips to assist in keeping your valuables protected:

1. Always ensure that your patio door and doors are locked at all times when you leave, even if you pop out for 5 minutes. If you have a security gate over these doors, ensure that the gates are locked. Never leave doors unlocked because you live in a “secure” estate.

2. Do not leave valuables like cell phones or laptops close to open windows or doors, as this is an easy way for them to go missing and removed without your knowledge.

3. Never leave valuables like a laptop, sunglasses or phones visible in your car. Remove them and put them inside your house.

4. Ensure that your vehicle is locked, especially if you park it in a carport.

5. Have burglar bars installed or an alarm system. Ensure the system is on when you leave the premises. Many radio transmitters now have apps available that allow you to arm or disarm your alarm from your cell phone.

If you have any security concerns address them with your body corporate or security services provider and ask for their assistance. Unfortunately, many people won’t make the effort to protect their homes until they are affected by crime.


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