With the increased threat of international and domestic terrorism and the always present threat of injury or kidnapping by criminals, organizations, or hostile groups, the protection of high-profile and at-risk individuals has never been greater. My specialty is in providing quality VIP security services and executive protection for some of the nation’s Fortune 500 CEO’s, visiting dignitaries, entertainment industry celebrities and the very affluent from the threats of assassination, kidnapping, bodily injury, and intimidation. I’m fully cognizant of the client’s need to be able to conduct business in a safe and secure environment, without the worry of their personal safety or of their family.

M.O. Protection and Transport, LLC is a full-service firm that provides all aspects of executive protection with an emphasis on personal threat concerns, invasion of privacy, random crime, residential security, and personal privacy issues of every description. My core approach, techniques, and training methods are based upon the U.S. Secret Service model of both proactive and preventative executive security.

I operate independently, but if in need of additional personnel I can provide armed or unarmed personal bodyguards, security chauffeurs, or off-duty police around the clock for any given situation. All of my agents are either ex-military veterans or current and former law enforcement officers with continuous formal training in the art of personal protection. We stand ready for immediate deployment of our exclusive protection agents & body guards to any location in the U.S., with associates, partners, and resources in all major cities. Prior to the clients’ arrival, our agents specialize in conducting thorough, on-site threat assessments, vital to the creation of the most effective safeguards and protection scenarios possible.

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