Let’s face it, the Medical Marijuana business is BOOMING. With the inevitable success of these dispensaries means a heavy influx of cash that flows in-and-out of these buildings on a daily basis. Unfortunately, what’s also inevitable is the potential for violent robberies and thefts of goods and cash by unsuspecting criminals, gangs, and even current or former employees of these businesses.

“You’ve worked hard to get it. Keep it that way!” –M.O.

Don’t become the next victim. My firm can offer these very vital and highly-specialized services to MMJ dispensary owner/operators which include, but not limited to:

  • Armed Guard for On-site Operations
  • Armed Delivery Driver
  • Personal Protection / Bodyguard Services for Owners, Co-owners, or Executives for any Off-site Concerns
  • Secure Cash Transport from on-site to any off-site locations (home, safety deposit boxes, etc.)
  • Resolve Inquiries from Law Enforcement as well as Code Enforcement